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Unlock Your Video's Full Potential

AI-Powered Video Library: Find insights from your content

Video and Audio
Backup and Transcription

Securely store your videos on our server, ensuring they’re backed up and ready for anytime access.

Get high-quality transcriptions of your entire video content.

Youtube to Blog

Create blog posts from your Youtube videos.

Find short, shareable snippets perfect for social media using your brand identity.


OpenAI powered Search

OpenAI (LLM) powered semantic Search.

Delve within videos, and swiftly navigate to the desired media

How does it work?

Step 1

Upload your content or share the Youtube link with us. You can use behind the scene footage, or B-roll footage to add variety to your content.

Step 2

This is where AI comes into play. We email you when your media is transcribed, indexed, and highlights are ready for you to review!

Step 3

You choose the highlights that you want to share and share them on your social media accounts.

Basic Plan

$ 10
  • One video Per Month.
  • 12 month Media Backup
  • Transcriptions

Standard Plan

$ 49
  • 2 videos Per Month
  • Transcription
  • 15$ per additional video
  • 24 month backup
  • Semantic Search
  • Video On Demand Streaming

Advanced Plan

$ 189
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Transcription
  • 24 month backup
  • Semantic Search​
  • Video On Demand Streaming

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